Haaaaaaa!! on delving further into this lady's blog I like her even more!...she truly 'gets' the love of ugly and has a home to be proud of!!!  Here i would like to give a special mention to my lovely friend Neet.... when we first moved into our new 'family' home we started to try to blend our fab previous house that was our cool funky party house filled with ace stuff (in our opinion Neet!!) with our new child friendly family home!!!  We had just started decorating the 'family' room and had started adorning the chinmey wall with our fab orange and brown seventies wallpaper.  Neet was our new next door neighbour and came for a look around.  She stood in front of our half papered wall and said in a very calm and measured voice...."hmmm its looking nice in here...ermmm is that going up..or coming down?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!" Haa! Love ya Neet! but would you ever need to ask me that question now you know me??!!

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