Organic Art…what is it? The artwork of Deb Haugen
"The term “Organic” can be applied to a variety of subjects. I’m writing about “Organic Art“, and what that means to me, as people have tagged me….The Organic Artist. I have always been more comfortable outside, I just prefer nature to walls. As a child my Mom had to drag me inside every night. I lived just up the hill from a swamp, I know my fascination was born there in that magical swamp. I have very strong beliefs in helping our environment, and concerns for the future of our planet." click here to read plenty more...
Mike Dornseif

Mike Dornseif is a designer/illustrator living right outside of Chicago. When he is not drawing pictures, mowing his lawn, or cleaning his gutters, you can usually find him collaborating with the design collective EDT

Catell Ronca was born in Basel, Switzerland. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in London and works for a variety of international clients. She teaches illustration at universities in the UK. Her favourite pastimes are cooking, traveling and her two cats. 
Canadian (BC) Lorraine Seibold is a metalsmith who enjoys pairing pierced hollow metal forms with polymer clay. Her inspiration often comes from the seashore, flowers and her shapes are playful.  See more of her lovely work on
Shawn Smith's pixilated sculptures: "I start
with a full sheet of material like plywood or MDF and cut it into ½” strips of
varying lengths--typically ½” to 2’ long. I then hand dye each strip of wood individually with dyes mixed from ink
and acrylic paint. I mix each color by
hand to create a huge palette of colors in order to give the sculpture more
depth and visual interest before assembling the object."
Chandra Stubbs combines porcelain and felt, two things that seemed worlds apart but work so well together!  Visit Chandra Stubbs website at 
This is STUNNING when seen full size!
A ceramic artist – Toronto based Lisa Robbins take on seeds, gestators and mature pods. Otherworldly and a bit on the wild side. I want to name them – don’t they look like friendly little creatures who want to come for a visit and stay awhile? Wow these are stunning!  Really interesting .... they are paper sculptures and are so colourful and tactile they look as though they would be really soft and fluffy like brush cotton!  I just want to stroke them!