The majority of my current work is based on a personal form of abstract expressionism. This was an art movement from the middle of the last century, centred largely in New York with many of the exponents being Russian or European emigres.
Many of the artists had a general interest in myth as a way into understanding the human psyche, the forces of nature and the "human condition". Artists include: Marc Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Lee Krasner, Clyfford Still, Willem de Kooning and Barnett Newman.
I am drawn to this movement because it is how I work instinctively. I am led through the process of making a painting, balancing colour and form. I use very strong colours - juxtaposed, in harmony or as a glaze, using the relationship and tension this creates to give the painting its energy. I also like to suggest a light source coming from within the work itself.
As a painter it is my aim to communicate in a direct and personal way. Colour is an immediate language that is more felt than comprehended and allows the artist to speak with subtlety and strength.
I don't usually make sketches (unless required to do so by a client) or even pre-plan a painting and work directly with the paint onto the canvas.

Beauty is hugely important to me and essential in my work. Making a painting that is both beautiful and powerful is at the heart of what I do.

I would like the observer to be part of the process of making art. The feelings inspired by the painting make it a personal experience whilst giving validity and significance to me as an artist.


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I love this guy Ryan Peltier...he produces these really funky textural quite beautiful illustrations of people and characters... good fun! Click on the link to be taken to an interview and more of his stunning work.