Here is an illustrator I have loved since I was at uni 15 years ago - Sophie Fatus! I used to have her postcards up on my wall and her painted handmade paper illustrations really inspired me.  Now one of my daughters favourite books 'Here we go round the mulberry bush' happens to be illustrated by her!  What goes around eh?!  Take a peek...
I have been reading some new books to my daughter Daisy and just adore the beautiful illustrations by Sophie Tilley in the Princess Evie's Ponies collection (written by Saran KilBride), so inevitably I googled her and Oh! the rest of her stuff is divine!  The colours are soft and candylike and they combine beautiful, whimsical, funky, quirky imagery with stacks of personality!   My absolute favourites are her litle girls, princesses and fairies... they are stunning!  They are so cool and contemporary and there is someone for each little girl (and big girl!) to relate to!!!  
I like to think this would be me in the middle!!!