I love keeping up to date with Polymerclaydaily.com as I get to hear little titbits about some wonderful artists and crafts people, then I start some mooching and discover even more!!  Carol Simmons is one of my recent favourites, along with Rachel Gourley (see earlier posts).  They both work with colourful Polymer canes.  I tend to be really influenced and excited by artists looking at things like microscopic bits, underwater creatures etc so Carols work is fab!!

She has published a new Flickr site which gives you a quick view of how her botanically-based art has grown.

Carol Simmons is unveiling new work with this Sporocarps piece (see image and quote below). After years of looking at mosses, lichens and algae under the microscope, she reinterpreted her vision in polymer.
"Sporocarps are the spore-containing fruiting bodies of mosses, lichens and some algae. This is my most recent piece of work. It is undoubtedly informed by my studies of mosses and lichens while in grad school. I spent many hours peering at them under a microscope and drawing what I saw. Working next to my wonderful new friend and artist Laura Tabakman at a recent retreat inspired me to try this sculptural form. The standing components of this mini-sculpture (4 inches across) are elevated on telephone wire.

Catell Ronca was born in Basel, Switzerland. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in London and works for a variety of international clients. She teaches illustration at universities in the UK. Her favourite pastimes are cooking, traveling and her two cats.