Its like an explosion in my eyes!!!
I desperately want the bold, explosive colours in Theo Altenberg’s paintings to hang on my walls. The 59 year-old German artist dabbles across several artistic genres, including photography, writing, singing, acting, performing and painting. 

I have searched and mooched all night and just before bed I came across this amazingly creative fashion illustrator and just couldn't not post!!!

...her ongoing project, Mixed Media Girls, gives the viewer a lot to look at. The collages appear innocent and sweet but at the same time exude sharp, pent-up energy that does not feel altogether safe. The title of the work is also wonderfully suggestive – or not, depending on how the reader wishes to understand it.
Farquharson’s work extends from the one-dimensional world to book projects and 3D pieces in which she often ponders and twists the meaning of words and proverbs, spies on conversations, and questions established truths...

In 2007, she started the fab website Random Got Beautiful that is open for anyone to submit images focused on a specific colour. The concept is to take photos containing dominant colours out of their original context and place them together to create a new one.

Check her out
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Zheni Warner
'Sing me the changes of the moon once more' (Yeats)

Zheni Warner is the daughter of the well known Bulgarian artist Violeta Maslarova (, widely accepted as the most painterly of Bulgarian artists, and like her she is known for her exuberant use of colour and subtle approach to surfaces and the rhythm of the painting.  Critics have variously described her paintings as 'having the colours of Rubens and the rhythms of Bartok' and being like 'aqueous jewels'.  more...
Catell Ronca was born in Basel, Switzerland. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in London and works for a variety of international clients. She teaches illustration at universities in the UK. Her favourite pastimes are cooking, traveling and her two cats. 
Shawn Smith's pixilated sculptures: "I start
with a full sheet of material like plywood or MDF and cut it into ½” strips of
varying lengths--typically ½” to 2’ long. I then hand dye each strip of wood individually with dyes mixed from ink
and acrylic paint. I mix each color by
hand to create a huge palette of colors in order to give the sculpture more
depth and visual interest before assembling the object."
Chandra Stubbs combines porcelain and felt, two things that seemed worlds apart but work so well together!  Visit Chandra Stubbs website at 
This is STUNNING when seen full size! Wow these are stunning!  Really interesting .... they are paper sculptures and are so colourful and tactile they look as though they would be really soft and fluffy like brush cotton!  I just want to stroke them!
These polymer sculptures by Angelika Arendt remind me very much of the crocheted coral from one of my earliest links but in a harder form! Fabulous colours and patterns - like giant sweeties appealing to my (not so) inner child!!