I have searched and mooched all night and just before bed I came across this amazingly creative fashion illustrator and just couldn't not post!!!

...her ongoing project, Mixed Media Girls, gives the viewer a lot to look at. The collages appear innocent and sweet but at the same time exude sharp, pent-up energy that does not feel altogether safe. The title of the work is also wonderfully suggestive – or not, depending on how the reader wishes to understand it.
Farquharson’s work extends from the one-dimensional world to book projects and 3D pieces in which she often ponders and twists the meaning of words and proverbs, spies on conversations, and questions established truths...

In 2007, she started the fab website Random Got Beautiful that is open for anyone to submit images focused on a specific colour. The concept is to take photos containing dominant colours out of their original context and place them together to create a new one.

Check her out http://www.nikkifarquharson.com/index.php
or join: facebook.com/randomgotbeautiful