ahmmm a lookin for more info now!!......
Canadian (BC) Lorraine Seibold is a metalsmith who enjoys pairing pierced hollow metal forms with polymer clay. Her inspiration often comes from the seashore, flowers and her shapes are playful.  See more of her lovely work on Etsy.com
A ceramic artist – Toronto based Lisa Robbins take on seeds, gestators and mature pods. Otherworldly and a bit on the wild side. I want to name them – don’t they look like friendly little creatures who want to come for a visit and stay awhile?
http://www.alexandra-deutsch.de/ Wow these are stunning!  Really interesting .... they are paper sculptures and are so colourful and tactile they look as though they would be really soft and fluffy like brush cotton!  I just want to stroke them!
These polymer sculptures by Angelika Arendt remind me very much of the crocheted coral from one of my earliest links but in a harder form! Fabulous colours and patterns - like giant sweeties appealing to my (not so) inner child!!


"I make exquisite cups and other objects for a bizarre tea ceremony. They suggest the everyday, the ordinary, but are in fact extra-ordinary .
They are the vehicle to make visible an invisible, microscopic world.
A world of intricacy and detail, of mathematical pattern and organic chaos, of beauty and repulsion."

Ikuko Iwamoto ceramic sculptures.... these are just the tip of the iceberg!!!! LOOK LOOK LOOK!  LOOK NOW!!