Its like an explosion in my eyes!!!
I desperately want the bold, explosive colours in Theo Altenberg’s paintings to hang on my walls. The 59 year-old German artist dabbles across several artistic genres, including photography, writing, singing, acting, performing and painting. 

I love love love bold bright colours and naive style painting.  These paintings by artist Tracey Ann Finley reminds me of the paintings of artists like Hundertwasser or Basquait............

Tracey is a self-taught artist, who has loved creating art her entire life.

In 2004, she began offering her work for sale. Her colorful paintings hang in spaces across the USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan, England, Mexico, as well as other countries. Adults and young people are captivated and drawn to her vivid and bold approach to color and subject matter. Many individuals have recognized her uniqueness and continue to add to their collections. This imaginative, prolific artist is a rising new talent.

check her out on Etsy or go to her website