Izzi is an Illustrator and Filmmaker living in Toronto. She has illustrated over twenty published books, which received multiple Honorable Mentions and Awards. Her earliest influences were the illustrated Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm Brothers, but a childhood move from Poland to Canada opened her eyes to the animated worlds of Walt Disney and Don Bluth. Although Izzi's love of animation has evolved from aspirations as an animator to filmmaker, traditional 2-D animation still remains the main source of inspiration for her illustrated work. 

Izzi believes that Art is a reflection of the Soul; that the stories we tell not only shape our lives and who we are, but ultimately they allow us to uncover our true and authentic nature.
26/9/2012 04:43:47 pm

Thank you for blogging my work. I found this by accident, but I appreciate it. Blessings :')



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