Nora Fok is an artist who expresses her ideas in a very personal and quite distinctive way. She has the ability to translate her ideas into delightfully delicate and intricate compositions. She is intrigued by the world around her and is fascinated by different aspects of nature, structure, systems, and order, and the mysteries of magic. Her work is often quite complicated, using only basic tools and hand processes to draw attention to the intricate details found in her pieces. She turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

The artist has established herself as a pioneering maker, crafting her delicate, intricate forms from nylon microfilament. Nora makes her work by hand using techniques she has taught herself: knitting, knotting, tying, weaving, plaiting.
The list is deceptively simple; her chosen material of nylon monofilament is fine and hard to work but her results are spectacular. These pieces are often very complicated and take many hours, days or weeks to produce.
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