Marker Sketches -
Studies for paintings 2002 - 2003 
by Rodney Alan Greenblat

These works were created between June of 2002 and March of 2003. They were created as experiments in color and pictorial style, and also as exercises in spontaneous drawing. The marker medium allows rapid changes and a free flow of line and color. The imagery that emerges is a vocabulary of elements and forms, some of these are recognizable, while others are abstract. The feeling the drawings convey range from high energy wonder to playful wandering, and the world that is portrayed is one of constant change. Forms that spin and loop, strange animals, roadways, gardens, board game pathways are all element to be found here. These drawing form the basis for a new series of paintings and sculpture currently under development by the artist.

Artist's Statement

I was trying to deconstruct and re-configure some of my previous imagery, and I wanted to do that in a very spontaneous way. I discovered a box of graphic art markers and realized how quickly I could build a dreamscape, and pass though images and islands of thought. The watercolor paper gave them a vividness and texture that is not usually associated with markers. The series is a success in that it has allowed be to branch out and find an open language of pictorial representation, and led me to my current body of work. Although I consider them sketches or studies for other works, I think these drawing are really part of a transition. They have allowed me to surprise myself, which I think is one of the joys of being an artist.
Rodney Alan Greenblat - May 2004

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