Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Department provides a range of exciting creative opportunities to develop work and personal skills at the appropriate level for each learner. Students gain hands-on experience of a wide variety of craft, design and textile techniques and build confidence and vital communication skills within a stimulating learning environment. The department's annual fashion show and Christmas play are some of the highlights of the college calendar.

In the Creative Area students develop practical skills through craft and design work across a range of subjects including ICT, Colour and Pattern, Fabric Decoration, Materials and Theatre Craft. In Fabric Decoration students explore textile techniques including block printing, tie-dying and silk painting.

The Lifestyle Area focuses on the individual, exploring choices present in everyday life and promoting greater awareness of the world. Subjects include Fashion, Home Design, Media and Environment. In Home Design students plan and create interior design schemes within a realistic 'room setting' opening up creative possibilities for post college life.

The Vocational Area is concerned with preparing students for work and the department runs a highly successful Team Enterprise operation. Through this scheme, students work together to set up and run their own company, experiencing many of the related real life issues and gaining invaluable team working skills.

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