Well, I'm not quite sure but I like it so far..... I think it needs long stripey legs or something.....and huge feet! ...at the very least it has given me some ideas to branch out!!!!
Im having a look to see how other people are advertising and showing their wares and I just wanted to share this site! http://www.littlebird.bigcartel.com

Little Bird is a small, family run business that was born from a desire to create beautiful tee shirt designs that are a cut above the usual slogan shirts and instead are gentle and respectful and reflect our children’s lives and loves.  Their tees are simple sweet and good for everyone!!!   Lovely x

Hmmmmmm stiff competition out there!!!
So this could go one of two ways!  I found a little image of a robin in one of Daisys little comics and had an idea of translating it into 3D bright coloured felt (reverse) applique.... so far so good!!! keep watching!!!!!!!!!...........
Just had to share this!!!  Whilst all Alf seems interested in is eating crayons and feeding rice cakes to dinosaurs, Daisy Bee has absolutely loved painting and drawing since about 9 months old!  She will try anything and has produced some fab results!!  As I am a HUGE fan of 'naive' art(!) I think I may even include a tab on my site showcasing my 3 year olds paintings!!! This one however makes me especially proud!! Its entitled simply 'MY MUMMY'!!
Blimey talk about nostalgia!  I have just been perusing my photos and came across pictures I took of Daisy Bee's freshly finished nursery about 3 days before she came!!!  It was in our old house and I forgot just how much I loved it and can't believe she is nearly 4 already!!!  A beautiful room for a beautiful little girl!!!
Wow!  I have just taken my 3 year old daughter to her first christmas show!!  It just so happened to be the students of the Creative arts departments Christmas show - The little mermaid!  We Loved it!!  I only had a little bit to do with making some props and the teenciest bit of makeup on Prince Eric and the vicar!!  but I still felt very proud to be part of it all!  They all had soooo much fun!  The costumes were fab and the stage design was fantastic - especially the volcano and all the coral with the lighting effects!!!  Daisy stood up jumping and dancing and clapping and singing throughout!  The little mermaid is one of her favourite stories!  Hopefully some pictures to follow!!  Well done guys!!!
OOohhhhhh I'm sooo excited!  I am really enjoying this blogging/website lark!!  May need to go out and get a life soon tho!!!!

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Department provides a range of exciting creative opportunities to develop work and personal skills at the appropriate level for each learner. Students gain hands-on experience of a wide variety of craft, design and textile techniques and build confidence and vital communication skills within a stimulating learning environment. The department's annual fashion show and Christmas play are some of the highlights of the college calendar.

In the Creative Area students develop practical skills through craft and design work across a range of subjects including ICT, Colour and Pattern, Fabric Decoration, Materials and Theatre Craft. In Fabric Decoration students explore textile techniques including block printing, tie-dying and silk painting.

The Lifestyle Area focuses on the individual, exploring choices present in everyday life and promoting greater awareness of the world. Subjects include Fashion, Home Design, Media and Environment. In Home Design students plan and create interior design schemes within a realistic 'room setting' opening up creative possibilities for post college life.

The Vocational Area is concerned with preparing students for work and the department runs a highly successful Team Enterprise operation. Through this scheme, students work together to set up and run their own company, experiencing many of the related real life issues and gaining invaluable team working skills.

Right!  My first quest to be blogged!!!  This Rhino mania has got me sooooo excited!  I always remember seeing the original big yellow superlambanana in liverpool when i was at uni there...I had a postcard in my studio space and thought it was brill!  So the go superlambanana year was amazing!  When I heard about the Rhino mania in my local newsapaper i couldnt believe it!!!!  Where do I start at how perfect this is and I HAVE to be involved??!!

I live in chester, I am an avid member of Chester Zoo and go at least once a week!  And....I have always said - from the age of 11 - that my dream job would be to be the Rhino keeper at Chester zoo!  Yoda the dinosaurus rhinoceros will leave in my heart forever!!! And to top it all I am a local artist (of sorts!!!!!??) So.... watch this space and I will keep updating submission status!!  Also check out the links below....